“Bill Haney’s Boondocks is, more than anything else, a story about family, friendship, hope, and persistence. It is by turns moving, funny, and uplifting, and one of the most compelling reads to come down the fairway in a long time.”

—From the review by Bruce Felton

"From the very first chapter of this heart-warming book, Bill Haney reaches out and pulls the reader into his dream of building his own golf course. I found myself wanting to grab a shovel and help move the dirt, mow the grass, and then make my way across Willow Creek, walk past the wild strawberry patch, and trudge to the top of Smedley Hill, tee up a Titleist, and yell, “FORE!”

—From the review by John, M. “Jody” Delzell

“... a tale of insight and human character that is a tribute to the American pioneering spirit... rural characters that spring to life from the pages... a story that grows from the setting for a game of golf to the game of life itself.”

—From the review by Robert Mads Anderson

“Bill Haney captures a spirit as American as baseball. With scant resources but lots of heart and passion, he and his little family set out to make an impossible dream come true. Along the way, they found adventures, solved mysteries, and encountered fascinating off-center characters. Chasing Dreams is a captivating and delightful account of a quest to build a natural golf course the old-fashioned way.”

—From the review by Ernie Harwell