Open this book to any page and you will meet an unforgettable character. Turn a page and be drawn at once into a fascinating time and place. You may find yourself in Big Beaver, Michigan in the 1950s or on a windswept bluff at Ringa-Ringa, the world’s southernmost golf course. Wherever you are you encounter unforgettable characters, like the tender-hearted creator of one of the world’s most beloved songs or the frenetic painter who dances on canvas. Or the mechanic who spun a fish story into the myth of an Indian chief that endures to this day.

A marvelous book in the fullest sense of that word... the stories resound in perfectly tuned harmony to the beat of the human heart with insight, poignancy and laugh-out-loud humor.

"... humorous and poignant stories... memorable characters preserved in this thoughtful and thought-provoking book."

—From the review by Dick Halsey

"This collection of stories will awaken a lot of long-forgotten personal memories... his stories show we are all conncected by a similar thread--the people we meet and how they forever transform out lives. Bill Haney’s stories remind us that the fabric, meaning and memories of our lives are woven from the people whose paths cross ours."

—From the review by William Boardman