William Valentine “Bill” Haney is a writer of non-fiction books, essays, and the occasional short story, screenplay or novel. He is the author or co-author of several books and the publisher of many more by other authors.

He has managed to write and publish over the years by also having simultaneously had successful careers in wildly diverse fields. He spent more than twenty years as a top corporate executive in worldwide marketing companies. Previously, during the earliest and exciting years of U.S. space exploration, he played key roles on the management of lunar surface scientific experiment programs. He founded three book-publishing

enterprises and directed two others in scholarly settings.

Bill and his wife Marcy live in the bucolic countryside of north Oakland County. After careers in the aerospace industry, academia, business and book publishing, he tried retirement three times and failed miserably. Now he focuses on his own writing, while continuing to consult very selectively on intriguing projects in book publishing, organizational management and communication, and public relations.

He has set as a personal goal to wear out rather than rust out, and at that he seems to be succeeding quite well.

Bill brewed up his latest book while drinking coffee with some "extraordinary ordinary" people to solve the world's problems one cup at a time. Proceeds from sales combat adult illiteracy by supporting Reading Works.

To order:

Email: haneywilliamv@gmail.com

Phone: 248 961-3718

"Anyone seeking inspiring stories of the strength and durability of the human spirit need look no further than the pages of the book for convincing proof that you don’t have to be a prominent public figure to make a difference… these personal accounts make for reading that is enjoyable and inspiring."

-Jennifer Granholm,
Former Governor of Michigan

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